Tips to create your own house warming gifts

Attending a house warming party invariably brings in the responsibility of giving house warming gifts to the host.

The tradition of giving gifts to the hosts of any family function is not new.

Family functions usually come at moments of transitions.

Moving into a new house is a real-time transition. It is a total physical movement of persons and property from one location to another.

The financial and other kinds of strain involved in those moments are very high.

The tradition of giving gifts comes at this juncture- to relieve the persons undergoing transition of the tremendous strain. No one will accept this fact as this may sound embarrassing for the host of a house warming party.

woman giving house warming gifts to another woman

But the fact remains that this social support activity of giving gifts, though has become a fashion and fad, will continue for ever for its deeper value.

So choosing of house warming gifts should be done with sensitivity.

It is not necessary to download in front of the house a highly expensive gift bought from a reputed store in order to create a great impression.

Usefulness and necessity of the host is the yardstick to judge what gift will help the host in the long run.

We can create our own house warming gifts that just meets a sensitive need of the host.

Know the need

It is important to know the need of the host.

The host may be a friend, a relative, someone from the professional circle of an acquaintance.

It is advisable to strike an informal conversation in order to find out the things that are already there in the new house.

Use some intuition to foresee what gifts an average attendant of the party would bring.

Think creatively from the clues obtained from the conversation and decide on a gift that is in one’s capacity to make it at home.

person giving house warming gifts

Some Tips on Choosing House Warming Gifts

An example could be making of a flower pot from a discarded vessel.

Clean it, give a coat of suitable color wash and plant a vine of ‘money plant’.

A new house may not have completed the full furnishing. Such a gift will surely impress the host.

A collage, a simple painting done at home, kitchen accessories, hand crafted home decors, homemade embroidery works for the house linen, mats and upholsteries, flower vases and candle stands made of pet jars and frames of old gadgets are some ideas we can think of while making a house warming gift.

Application of a bit of creative thinking mixed with sensitivity is the key to create a perfect house warming gift at home.

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