Collage Frames Single Matted Create Beautiful Decorations

Collage frames are a great way to display random images of a theme or select photography from an event.

Different rooms of a house or office would require a careful selection of frames depend on the mood one wants to evoke.

The shades of the wall, the utility of the room, kinds of persons who come to the room, nature of the work that goes on in the room are some of the areas of consideration before you select collage frames.

photos on the wall with matted collage frames

While choosing a frame, it is not only the color of the frame that needs consideration but also the tinge of the mat.

There is any number of combinations of frame and mat colors that suit your aesthetic needs. Single matted collage frames add great value to a large spaced monochrome wall.

Striking combinations of Collage Frames

As for the frame colors of single matted collage frames go you have the following choices

  • deluxe black
  • basic black
  • ornate gold
  • ornate light gold
  • ornate black

Some of the mat colors that go with these frames are

  • stonehenge
  • digital white
  • raven
  • off white

For a location of relaxation and informal setting collages with single may without frames look more appealing than those with frames.

The collage can be mounted on a rigid foam board without a frame.  

The mat color could contrast or resonate with the wall shade depending on the required mood you want to create.

You just need to go for a

  • plain white mat with antique gold
  • dusty rose
  • washed blue
  • light oak
  • dark oak
  • matte black
  • dark oak
  • cherry
  • light oak
  • deluxe silver
  • deluxe gold
  • deluxe white
  • deluxe mahogany
  • deluxe fruitwood frames

There are modern glass collage frames hanging from a bar by sturdy cable wire. You can avoid the trouble of choosing a mat by just mounting the pictures on the glass frame.

The shade of the wall serves as the choicest mat. For monochrome collages we could choose the same color mat. For black and white images black mat suits well.

Tips for choosing Collage Frames

Mat color needs to be lighter than the print and the print darker than the wall.

If the wall is dark we could try the opposite.

The basic rule is that the color of mat differs from the color of the frame.

When we are confused with the choice of the mat choosing a solid white or solid black mat would prove to be successful. The choice of mat color is to enhance the image and not to add to or to overpower it.

Mat color guides the eyes to the image. It adds depth to or projects the image. Some frame colors make the choice of the mat color easy.

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