Are you wondering “Why is my dryer making noise?” Whether it’s rattling or squeaking, you may instinctually want to run to the phone and call up a technician so they can come and fix it for you. But, thankfully, there are some things that you can easily fix on your own and keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket.

All dryers will need maintenance occasionally, and basic fixes or replacements can usually be done with ease by the owner. So don’t sweat it – if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get a little elbow grease in, we’ve got you covered!

To get started, you will need some tools and you will need to know the type, make and model of your dryer to purchase any necessary replacement parts. In addition to this, you should make sure that the unit is unplugged, or has the gas turned off if it’s a gas-powered model.

Ready to get fixing? Let’s take a quick look at some of the common issues that cause your dryer to make noise, and how you can go about fixing them yourself.

Dryer Making Loud Noise

Drum Support Roller

If your dryer is squealing or making thumping sounds (or maybe even a super annoying combination of both), there is a high chance it could be the drum support roller. This is the roller that holds the drum steady as it turns. 

Sometimes these rollers can become worn after lots of use, which causes the drum of the dryer to not rotate freely and smoothly, which leads to all of the unpleasant noises. 

To fix this issue, you will need to:

  • Unplug your machine.
  • Remove the dryer drum and locate the support rollers which are under the drum.
  • Check to see if they are worn. If they are not worn, then they are not the issue.
  • Remove the nut or spring clip and remove both rollers (they must be replaced at the same time).
  • Check the shafts of the rollers for wear. If they show signs of nearing the end of their lifespan, replace them as well.
  • Replace the parts, and add a single drop of oil. Oiling the parts too much can attract dust and lint and shorten the life span.
  • Put the drum back in.

Here’s a video you can watch to help clear up any questions:

Motor Defects

If your dryer is making a loud noise while spinning – like a humming, rattling, screeching, or even a high-pitched sound, there could be something loose or defective involving the motor. 

The different noises it could make indicate different issues, such as:

  • Humming – Could be a faulty or loose part or poor winding.
  • Rattling – Possibly a pulley that’s gotten loose.
  • High-pitched sounds – Possible bushing or bearing that should be replaced.

Loose or Faulty Parts:

To fix the dryer making a rumbling noise or humming, check to make sure all the parts are attached securely, and no pieces are loose or at risk of falling off while the dryer runs.

Go behind the blower wheel to access the motor, and check to make sure nothing is loose.

Loose or Worn Pulleys:

If your dryer is making loud screeching noises while turning, you probably have a loose drum pulley that needs fixing. 

Here’s how you should go about doing so:

  • Unplug your machine, and remove the lower access panel (depending on the dryer this could also be the panel at the front).
  • Locate the pulley and the shaft it’s attached to. 
  • Remove the worn-out pulley belt, and turn the shaft to check to make sure that you fixed what was causing your dryer to make a rumbling or rattling noise.
  • Replace the shaft if it is worn.
  • Replace the belt.

If you are having trouble, take a look at this video:

To Replace Loose Bearings: 

  • Unplug your dryer if it’s an electric model or turn off the gas of your dryer if it’s gas-powered.
  • Open up the cabinet of the dryer and remove the drum so you can access the bearings.
  • The bearing in question will either be a shaft connected to a sleeve bushing or a ball-and-socket in the back of the drum.

Check out this video explaining bearing replacement to see the individual steps involved:

Blower Wheel

If your dryer is making a loud banging noise, you may have an issue with your blower wheel

The blower wheel is what draws the air into the heating chamber of your dryer and then pushes it out of the exhaust vent. When the wheel is loose, it can cause your dryer to make a banging or thumping noise

To fix a loose blower wheel you should:

  • Unplug or turn off the gas on your machine.
  • Locate the blower wheel (which is usually housed at the end of your dryer’s motor shaft).
  • Access the blower wheel through the dryer’s cabinet.
  • Occasionally, debris is at fault, so make sure it is clear of any obstructions or clogs.
  • Check the wear on the hub. If the wheel is worn, it needs to be replaced.
  • Put in the new blower wheel.

Here’s a quick video that explains the process of replacing your blower wheel:

Damaged Or Clogged Baffles

The lifted ridges in the drum of the dryer that tumble your clothes can sometimes get debris such as pocket change, socks, or other knick-knacks stuck underneath them during cycles. 

This can cause your dryer to make banging or thumping sounds, leading you to wonder: why is my dryer making loud noises when all the machinery looks fine?

If this problem is not addressed quickly, it can actually break off of the drum and cause far more damage than any of the failures we’ve covered so far.

To fix this issue:

  • Remove the top of the dryer.
  • Rotate the drum so the damaged baffle is at the top.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove it and check to see if there is any debris under it.
  • If there is no debris, then the baffle itself is the problem and it will need to be replaced. 
  • If something was wedged under it, remove the debris and reattach the baffle if there is no damage to it.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how you should replace the baffle on a Whirlpool dryer:

Other Possible Causes

There can be multiple parts, which may be damaged or broken that make the same sounds as the issues that we’ve covered so far. Here are a few other pieces that could be loose or of in need of replacing that can be the cause of all the noise your dryer is making. 


Thumping Noises

If you’re wondering “why is my dryer making a banging noise?” – one of the most common culprits is a faulty drum seal. Sometimes the seal between the dryer drum and bulkheads wears down, or it may even be defective in the first place. This seal is a felt-like material that ages, becomes brittle, and can tear or break.

If the seal breaks, clothes, and small objects can get trapped between the drum and bulkheads and cause loud thumping or scraping. A good indicator of the fact that your felt drum seal is broken is that when you remove your clothing, some pieces are ripped or may have black marks on them.

However, if that is not the issue, check to make sure nothing is stuck behind the drum itself. 


Squeaking & Sharp Squeals

Squeaking sounds usually come from fast-moving parts, such as the idler pulley. If the band of the pulley is aged or cracking, it will need to be replaced. If it is not cracked, try giving it a drop or two of oil and see if that works. 

To access it, you will have to get into the lower access panel and locate the pulley and shaft combo, which you’ll generally find at the bottom of the drive motor. Take off and replace the belt if it is cracked and then check to make sure there is no squeaking when the shaft itself is turned.

If the shaft still squeaks, try replacing the shaft as well, as they can get worn out as well.

If your machine still squeaks, try giving the drum bearing a little lubrication. Check the far back of your cabinet and look to see if the shaft is well lubricated, dry or rusty. If it is dry, add a few drops of oil. However, be careful to not add too much.

If it has rusted away, you may want to replace the shaft altogether. Check to see if the sound is still there after you’ve fixed it. 


Scraping Sounds

If your dryer is making a scraping sound, check the drum glides underneath the front lip or edge of the dryer drum. There should be one on each side of the drum. The glides are usually made out of Teflon or nylon with a cork backing.

These parts can wear out with time, and cause the metal parts of your dryer to grind against each other making the loud scraping sound you’re hearing. You can replace them by simply removing the old ones and putting new ones in.

Dryer Making Loud Noise

Closing Thoughts

A noisy dryer is definitely not something that you ever want to come home to. And while the noises themselves may not seem too bad, they could herald the end of days for your appliance unless you diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

When doing your own repair work make sure you have the proper tools for the job and understand exactly what it is that you are doing. If you try to fix something without knowing how to do it correctly, you may mess things up even more. 

If you’ve kept up with us this far into the article, you should now have a solid grasp on the most common culprits behind a noisy dryer. We’ve listed out the top issues to check for, and we’ve even provided you with the instructions for how you can fix them yourself.

But, while fixing a dryer yourself may be an exciting and fun learning experience (not to mention the money you’ll save), if you’re not sure of how to go about it best, calling in a professional repair technician may just be your best bet.

With that, we wish you luck in solving the dryer noise you’re experiencing!

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