What is 2 Part Epoxy? Everything You Need To Know

Two-part epoxy is a type of resin mixed with a hardener. The result has many different uses.

You can use it for assembling projects, making jewelry, repairing items, and more. The material even serves purposes in electrical, plumbing, appliance, and construction. 

Keep on reading to find out about how 2 part epoxy works, its most common uses, and whether this material can be used for your own projects.

What Is a 2 Part Epoxy

Are you wondering, “what is 2 part epoxy”? 2 part epoxy is a liquid that hardens into a solid material after undergoing a chemical reaction. This feature makes epoxy useful for sealing or containing objects. It also does wonders as an adhesive. You can use epoxy for just about anything in any project!

This resin comes with two different liquid materials that you combine. You then stir the mixture and pour or slather it into place. When done, you need to give your project ample time to cure. Overall, 2 part epoxy is easy to use and very handy to have at home.

What Makes Up 2 Part Epoxy

dried epoxy resin

2 part epoxy consists of resin and a hardening agent. When mixed, the chemicals polymerize, causing the resin to cure. This process leaves you with a type of plastic material.

Epoxy often consists of four main ingredients. These chemical components include:

  1. Monomeric resin
  2. The hardening agent
  3. An accelerator
  4. The plasticizer

The components won’t serve many purposes apart- you need to combine them. The product you use should have “Part A” and “Part B” or labels one and two. From there, you mix them using the ratios the packaging gives you.

How Does It Work

This type of epoxy is a thermosetting material. When you combine the chemicals, the epoxy starts to harden and change into a strong plastic. The hotter the room is where you leave your project to cure, the faster the resin will harden. Additionally, thicker layers of resin take a lot longer to cure. 

You want to allow your piece to cure for several hours. For a complete cure, the project could even take several days! You want to have patience and wait as long as you can before touching it. That way, you can be confident that your epoxy has enough time to cure fully.

The 2 Main Components

2 part epoxy consists of two main components. The first is Part A- which is a resin. Then, Part B is the hardener or catalyst that causes a chemical reaction in the resin. These materials have a high bond strength and can work as an adhesive on anything. You need to have both parts to use the epoxy properly- you can’t do anything with just one or the other.

Short History


2 part epoxy has an interesting history. The material started as an adhesive for dental fixtures. From Switzerland, Dr. Pierre Castan and Dr. Sylvan Greenlee, from America, received credit for first making the material in the 1930s. Epoxy started as a yellow plastic but soon became available as an adhesive for everyone to use. The original epoxy was much the same as the one we use today.

Most Common Uses

Epoxy has plenty of uses today. You’ll find it used the most often in electronics, LED lights, insulators, paintbrushes, and even architecture. Epoxy is a durable, strong material, making it very well-known and used in many different fields. 

Benefits Of Using 2 Part Epoxy

There are several benefits of using 2 part epoxy in your work, especially when compared with a single-part epoxy. You’ll want to consider all of the following:

Very Strong

strong knot

Two-part epoxy is solid and can bond with many materials. The two components allow the result to be stronger than a single-part epoxy. Plus, the curing process allows a durable material to form around other items- creating a stable bond and a tight seal.

Overall, epoxy receives many benefits from its high levels of strength. If you’re searching for a tough adhesive that lasts, then this is the best option for you!

Bonds With Many Materials

You can bond anything with epoxy, except for elastomer and untreated plastics. Stainless steel, plastics, aluminum, wires, and more all meld well with epoxy. The material can repair several different objects, making it popular in construction and manufacturing.

Most often, epoxy bonds with rubber, plastic, metal, glass, wood, stone, and various other materials. Because of this, it’s likely already in your home, without you realizing it!

Environmental Resistance

Two-part epoxies resist moisture and oils, as well as many solvents, making them great to use in any setting. Epoxy even resists high heat and vibrations, helping it to resist damage anywhere.

This benefit allows the epoxy to work well in manufacturing and construction, where it’s more likely to run into harsh environments. Once it cures, epoxy is highly durable and won’t take damage from its surroundings.

Fills in Gaps

Finally, 2 part epoxy is excellent for filling in gaps, holes, or cracks. It provides insulation and even resists chemicals, making it more useful in professional projects. Epoxy also stops water, so it works well at making something water-tight.

Should I Use 2 Part Epoxy?

2 part epoxy is essential when you need a robust and long-lasting adhesive. It’s best for those working on a car, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, construction, or other manufacturing projects. Many people also use it in their art projects.

You can add pigments or fillers to the material, changing how it looks. Overall, it’s helpful in several different projects. You can use it to create stunning art or apply it as an adhesive in a renovation project. It adds a protective layer to anything you make!

How To Use

It’s straightforward to use two-part epoxy! All you need is a metal stirring stick and a place to put the epoxy. You can either mix it in a cup or on a card. Make sure you also wear gloves and protective eye gear.

Then, measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener- which should have labels A and B on them. Mix them for three minutes, then apply them to your piece. Make sure you “fold” as you mix; you don’t want to “whip” the liquid together.

After application, make sure you allow the epoxy time to cure. You don’t want to touch it for several hours to even days, depending on the amount that needs to cure. 


So, what is 2 part epoxy? It is an adhesive that turns into a solid plastic when combined with the proper chemicals, serving many different functions. You can find it in construction or automobile sections in stores. 

Overall, 2 part epoxy is a very durable material. The more you use this adhesive, the better you’ll get at mixing and preparing it for use in projects.