7 Best Bird And Trout Knife Models in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Bird and Trout knife is a must-have in any serious outdoorsman collection. It’s such a handy knife to have that is super-versatile. It’s perfect for cutting, skinning, and generally dressing out anything!

Since it’s crucial to have one on your outdoor adventures, it’s important to choose a high-quality knife that is lightweight, sharp, and reliable.

That’s why we went on a hunt for the best bird and trout knife, and we found 7 terrific knives that will make your next bushcraft or outdoor trip much easier.

We’ve also included a guide where you can learn more useful information and features of bird and trout knives.

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Best Bird And Trout Knives – Reviews

In this section of the article, we will present you with a list of the top 7 bird and trout knives currently on the market. All of the knives are durable, strong, lightweight, and super sharp. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Our Pick

CRKT Mossback Bird & Trout Fixed Blade Knife

This CRTK Mossback is by far the best bird and trout knife we could find! It simply ticks all the boxes and has all the features you would want in a bird and trout knife.

The blade is super sharp and sturdy. It’s made of SK-5 Japanese carbon steel that holds its edge exceptionally well. It’s really tough and impact-resistant, and that’s just what you would want for a quality outdoors knife that you can rely on.

The blade length is 2.8 inches, while the thickness is 0.09 inches, and the knife has a drop point that is well suited for hunting. You will have no problem dressing out any bird while also being able to cut trout easily.

This knife is very lightweight. It weighs only 2.0 ounces and is really easy to handle and carry because of that. You can strap it to your belt and forget that you carried it with you!

We love the handle on this Mossback knife. It’s a G10 handle that has a very tight grip. It stays in hand easily with no slippage whatsoever. The balance of the handle and the blade is superb. Handling the knife feels so effortless!

A really nice accessory that you get with this knife is the nylon sheath that is surprisingly well made. It’s very sturdy and securely holds the knife in the sheath. You can attach the sheath to your belt or backpack with ease.

The limited lifetime warranty is always a nice thing. It includes any defects in materials and workmanship.

This is a knife you need if you’re a serious outdoors enthusiast. It’s very durable, made from high-grade materials, and extremely easy to handle and carry. It’s a perfect bird and trout knife that you can rely on!

ESEE CR2.5 Fixed Blade Knife

Reliability should be a number one priority when choosing a knife, and this ESEE bird and trout knife oozes quality and dependability. It’s a professional-grade knife through and through.

The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel that holds its edge magnificently and is very easy to sharpen. You will have no problem skinning any small animal with this incredibly sharp knife.

The length of the blade is 2.5 inches and the thickness is 0.13 inches. Long enough for most of the birds and short enough for trout. We say that this is a perfect length for a bird and trout knife!

The handle for this knife is a Micarta handle that is made from many different materials like linen cloth, cork, and fiberglass.

It’s known for its extreme durability, temperature, and moisture resistance. Apart from its sturdiness it feels awesome in hand and has enough room for bigger hands to grip it securely. It’s not slippery and is balanced very, very well.

The overall weight of the knife is light. It weighs just 2.5 ounces which makes the handling of the knife feel a breeze. You won’t even feel it if you strap it on your belt or rucksack.

You get a nice leather sheath with this knife that holds it securely. No slippage of the knife occurs, even when running, climbing, or hanging upside down. You can safely carry it on your belt.

The price of this knife is a bit on the higher side, but that is definitely justified. It’s made of professional-grade materials and is very strong and durable. You can’t go wrong with it!

Camillus 7.75″ Ti Finscale Bird & Trout Knife

Want an affordable but dependable bird and trout knife? Go for this Camillus knife, and you won’t be sorry.

It has a sturdy 440 stainless steel 3.5 inches blade that is hard and durable. It has phenomenal corrosion resistance and is very sharp out of the box. It’s perfect for both bird and trout dressing out!

The weight is on the heavier side of bird and trout knives but is still lightweight enough to carry with you on your belt or rucksack without issues.

What surprised us the most about this budget compact knife is its handle. It’s unusually well made for this price range since most of the budget knives tend to cheap out on the handles.

The base of the handle is micarta, while the upper part is G10. This is a very interesting and smart mixture that combines durability and comfort. The grip is excellent and the handle feels great in hand. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t slip.

Another surprise is the sheath that comes with this knife. First off, it is made of leather, and that is not expected at this price point. It feels very sturdy and holds the knife fixed in the sheath. It stays immovable no matter how intense your movement might be!

All in all, this is a terrific knife for very little money. It’s without a doubt the best budget bird and trout knife on the market. It’s got all the features that a quality bird and trout knife should have and is priced well below what’s it worth.

Cold Steel Bird & Trout Steel Handle

If you prefer wearing your knife around your neck or hanging from your little finger, this bird and trout knife from cold steel is a perfect choice.

It has a unique ring design that allows you to easily hang it around your neck. This provides you with more space for other items to carry and quick access to your knife whenever you need it.

It’s so lightweight that you can carry it on your little finger and forget about it being there! It weighs only 0.8 pounds! That’s the most lightweight bird and scout knife we could find!

The blade is 2.25 inches long and is made from Japanese stainless steel. It’s incredibly sharp for such a small knife and has excellent impact resistance. You will dress out birds and trout with ease using this little knife!

The knife comes with a Concealex sheath that can be easily hanged around the neck, strapped to your belt, or rucksack with no problems. It’s so easy to handle and carry this knife!

The skeletonized handle is very interesting and has a great firm grip. It stays tightly in hand and is surprisingly comfortable for this type of handle material.

To top it off, this knife is also very affordable. It’s one of the cheapest bird and trout knives we found. It’s a great choice for its versatility, super easy handling and storage, and solid strength and sharpness.

Condor Tool and Knife Mini Bushlore 3-Inch Drop Point Blade

This El Salvador-made mini knife is compact, sturdy, and reliable. It’s very well suited for skinning and cutting birds and trout.

The blade is 3 inches long and is made from high-grade carbon steel. It holds its edge very well and has excellent sharpness. The blade is a bit thicker than what we are used to in bird and trout knives, but that doesn’t affect its weight and handling at all.

The walnut handle looks and feels phenomenal. It doesn’t slip and is very comfortable in hand. The balance of the handle and the blade is on point. Holding and handling this knife feels awesome!

The leather sheath is a nice bonus. It holds the knife tightly in the sheath and feels very sturdy.

Overall, we recommend this bird and trout knife for your outdoor activities. It’s sturdy and well made with a not too big of a price tag.


This beautiful knife from Case is an excellent, high-grade bird and trout knife that will make your bushcraft and outdoor adventures a much more enjoyable experience. It’s truly a knife you can rely on from the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle.

The blade is made of Tru-Sharp stainless steel, which is known as one of the best types of steel for outdoor hunter knives. It’s incredibly sharp and hard but also very corrosion resistant.

The handle of this knife is very interesting since it’s made from genuine leather. The leather provides an unbeatable grip and makes the knife stay in hand no matter what. It feels super comfortable as well, better than any plastic or wood handle we put in our hand.

The balance of the knife is excellent and makes the handling of the knife feel effortless.

To go with the handle you get a genuine leather sheath that looks awesome and works really well. It holds the knife steady in the sheath with no movement whatsoever.

The overall size of this knife is perfect for a bird and trout knife. The length of the knife is 6 inches and the weight only 2.5 ounces. This makes handling as easy as pie.

This lightweight, compact knife is one of the best bird and trout knives that you can buy. Its leather handle and strong and sturdy blade will help you skin and cut through anything! It’s a must-have for any outdoorsman!

Morakniv Classic No. 1/0 Wood Handle Utility Knife

Mora knives are one of the most popular and best-selling knives today. They are known for their high-quality, sturdiness, and unbeatable prices. This utility knife is no different. It makes a perfect bird and trout knife because of its compact and strong features.

It features a 3-inch long blade made from high-carbon steel. It holds its edge wonderfully and doesn’t require frequent sharpening. This sharp blade is perfect for both birds and trout, no matter the size!

It’s fairly light, weighing 2.8 ounces. The small size and weight make it a breeze to handle.

The handle of the knife is beautifully designed and offers great control. It’s made of red stained birch and apart from looking very stylish, it has great ergonomics and balance. No slippage occurs when handling the knife and the overall feel is excellent.

The sheath that comes with the knife is excellent. It comes with a leather belt strap that helps you to securely and effortlessly attach the sheath to your belt. The sheath itself is sturdy and holds the knife securely with no movement inside.

All in all, this is a knife that you can rely on on an outdoor trip. It has all the characteristics of a high-grade bird and trout knife and offers excellent sharpness and control.

What To Look For When Choosing Bird And Trout Knife

In this part of the article, we will go through the most important features of a bird and trout knife and what to look at when choosing a knife.


bird and trout knife

As you probably already know, the blade is the first and most important feature you should look at when choosing any kind of knife. That’s the case with bird and trout knives as well.

Let’s start with the size. Generally, bird and trout blades’ lengths range from 2 to 4 inches. We recommend going for the ones below 3.5 inches but above 2.5 inches. Those are in the perfect middle and work for most birds and trouts.

The material of the blade should be either carbon or stainless steel. Stainless steel tends to be more corrosion resistant, while carbon steel holds its edge better and requires less frequent grinding. Both are excellent choices and work excellently on these knives.

German, Swedish, or Japanese steel work really well for these knives. SK5 carbon steel, 1095 carbon steel, and 6A Stainless Steel are some of the excellent choices for bird and trout knives.

Since the bird and trout knives should be lightweight, the blade shouldn’t be too thick. A thickness of around 0.1 inches is ideal and recommended for these knives.

The spine of the blade that has little serrated ridges on the part closest to the handle is preferred. This makes the handling of the knife more accurate since it provides a grip for your thumb when cutting. If you have the option, go for that type of blade.

Size & Weigth

As we previously mentioned, the size of the bird and trout knife should be compact and the weight light. That’s what makes these knives unique. It gives them control and makes them easy to carry.

The full size of the knife should be around 6 inches. That makes them easy to carry and compact for all kinds of skinning and cutting they have to do.

The recommended weight is around 2.5 ounces. The maximum weight that we would recommend is 3 ounces, anything above that doesn’t make sense.


bird and trout knife

The handle of the knife provides control and accuracy while handling knife. If the handle is off, your knife will last shorter, lose control, and may cause an injury.

There are several materials used for bird and trout knife handles. The most common ones are plastic, wood, and leather. All of these work great, but our personal preference is the leather handle because of its enhanced ergonomics.

More important than the material of the handle is the grip. If the grip is strong, you will have more control over the knife.

Another thing to look for is whether the handle is full, partial, or no tang. Always go for the full tang as it’s the most durable and sturdy handle of all.

The handle also provides the balance of the whole knife. If the balance is off, the handling of the knife will feel horrible.

A simple test of balance is to put the bolster on your index finger and balance it in the air. If the handle or the knife leans to either side, the balance is not good. A properly balanced knife will stay at 180 degrees position while you hold it.


The sheath provides you with safe storage of your knife. If the sheath doesn’t hold the knife securely, it can slip out of it causing injuries or getting your knife lost.

Make sure that the knife is immovable in the sheath and stays tightly inside. A good sheath will hold the knife while you run, climb, or hang upside down.

The material of the sheath is usually a sign of its longevity. A true leather sheath is super durable, while plastic and nylon ones tend to last a bit less. Although there are some quality plastic and nylon sheaths out there, we always recommend going for the leather option if you have the choice.

Safety & Maintenance Tips

man in work clothes

Safety first! In this section, we will give you some advice on how to maintain your bird and trout knife, as well as some safety tips to avoid injuries.

If the knife is dull, don’t use it. Sharpen it first!

Dull knives have probably caused more injuries than sharp ones. A dull knife doesn’t cut like it’s supposed to which makes it unpredictable, and whenever a knife is unpredictable, you raise your chances of injury dramatically.

Dull knives can slip and make rapid movements since they require more force to cut and slice than sharpened knives. Always make sure you’ve properly sharpened your knife using a wet stone. If you’re not sure how to do it, take it to a professional for honing and save yourself from a trip to the ER.

Don’t Leave Your Knife Wet Or Bloody

Seriously, this is the number one reason for corrosion in knives. Even the highest quality stainless steel knives can be prone to rusting if you leave them wet for long enough.

After use, always clean your knife and apply oil to it. It will prolong its lifetime and make it easier to use. Unless you want your new knife to become an old knife for disposal.

Store The Knife Properly

To prevent yourself or anyone else from getting injured, as well as prolonging your knife life, you should always appropriately store your sharp bird and trout knife.

It’s best to keep the knife in a container away from the reach of the kids. If you can get a container with a locking mechanism, that’s even better!

It’s not advisable to have the knife in the sheath all the time. The sheath is supposed to be used only when you’re outdoors. The knife should be stored separately, in a safe dry place where there is no humidity. Storing the knife in such a place can reduce its lifetime significantly.

Wrap Up

That about covers it for everything you need to know about bird and trout knives. They are simple knives that are necessary for the best outdoor experience.

Remember that they need to be lightweight, compact, and durable. All the models we reviewed are exactly like that and are excellent choices!

Pick one, and start enjoying the benefits of a super useful bird and trout knife!