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20 Best Bread Box Reviews (2020)

Have you ever gone to make a sandwich, only to find the bread was hard? Had you owned a bread box, your bread could have stayed fresh, allowing you to have an amazing sandwich.

A bread box is designed to keep bread in a space that has the ideal airflow for bread. The best bread boxes will protect any loaf of bread, whether it be homemade or store bought. A bread bin is generally placed on a kitchen counter.

Did you know that the plastic bags bread comes in from the grocery store does not help to keep the bread fresh? In fact, if it does not breathe, it will suffocate… just as it is doing in the plastic bag.

We have scoured the internet looking for the best bread box available. Our team has done in-depth research on bread containers, reviewing several makes and models. We feel that our hard work will pay off when you are able to find the best bread box for your family.

We are including our research in our top 20 best bread boxes. In this guide, you will also find the answers to frequently asked questions about bread containers, along with things to consider when purchasing a bread bin.

We picked the Best Bread Box from every category including best material and size options in the table below.

Best Wooden Bread Box

Cookbook People Bamboo Rolltop Bread Box

Best Metal Bread Box

Wesco Grandy – German Designed – Steel bread box

Best Large Bread Box

Cooler Kitchen Extra Large Bread Box

Best Stainless Steel Bread Box

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box

Best Ceramic Bread Box

Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box / Toast Jar

Best Antique Bread Box

Now Designs Large Bread Bin

Best Copper Bread Box

Typhoon Henrik Bread Bin with Copper Lid

Top 20 Best Bread Box Reviews

After countless hours of research, we are finally ready to share with you the top twenty choices of best bread boxes. Each bread box has met strict criteria to make this list.

Best Wooden Bread Boxes

Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

This charming bread box by Cookbook People is a great addition to any home. Measuring 15.75 inches X 10.75 inches X 6.75 inches, this wooden bread box weighs 4.5 pounds. This is the best bamboo bread box we have found.

This bread box comes with a candle in case it happens to stick. The design is gorgeous with Breads painted on top of it.

The box is solid. In fact, the company had a 130-pound person standing on it, and it did not break!

We love that this bread bin is made from 100% bamboo wood. No particle board is used in the construction, meaning this box will last a long time.

The company also wants you to be satisfied. If you are not happy for any reason, you can send it back to them for a refund.

⦁ Solid construction
⦁ Made from 100% bamboo wood
⦁ Sits flush against a wall
⦁ Awesome value for the money
⦁ Easily holds up to 30 pounds of baked goods
⦁ Attractive design

⦁ The lid has a tendency to stick
⦁ This bread box is not ideal for warmer rooms

Verdict: We love the overall design of this classic bread bin. It is large to hold a lot of goods and sits nicely against the wall, making it a great addition to your kitchen.

Blue Donuts Bamboo Bread Box

Measuring 15.5 inches X 11 inches X 6.5 inches, this bread container by Blue Donuts would look great in any kitchen. It weighs 4.5 pounds.

Featuring a door that easily slides open and closed, this bread bin comes with a 2 year warranty.

This company has a great goal. They want to bring quality products to everyone at a reasonable price.

We love that this bread box is so easy to clean. It is very sturdy and has a great style that fits in any kitchen.

The wooden bread box is also easy to open.

We imagine this would look amazing in a farmhouse kitchen or one that is decorated with country details.

This wood bread box is very sturdy. It is made from quality materials and well constructed.

⦁ Very well made
⦁ Great price
⦁ Sturdy
⦁ Comes with a 2 year warranty

⦁ Hinges may break faster than they should

Verdict: This wooden bread box is a great addition to any kitchen. It is well made and very sturdy and will hold your homemade bread to keep it fresh.

G.a HOMEFAVOR 2 Layer Bamboo Bread Box

Should you need a large bread box with two shelves, this bread box is for you! It is truly perfect for those with large families. With this much room, you can afford to store every family member’s favorite bread safely.

Featuring a bamboo partition in the center of this bread bin, the high quality material and superb workmanship will protect bread from getting crushed or nibbled by your pet. It will also keep bread and dry goods fresher for longer.

The bamboo partition can be removed. It is also fully adjustable.

This attractive bread bin measures 15 inches X 14 inches X 9.8 inches and weighs just under 10 pounds.

⦁ Extra large capacity/spacious
⦁ Stylish
⦁ Great to give as a gift
⦁ Fully adjustable shelf
⦁ Solid construction

⦁ A pain to put together

Verdict: This wooden bread box is a keeper. It will not only keep breads and other baked goods fresh for a long time, but also does a great job at protecting the breads from having critters munch on them. We love it for larger families.

Natural Bamboo Bread Box, Two Layer Bamboo Storage Boxes with Cutting Board Lid

We fell in love with this natural bamboo bread box. The look of it is stylish and classical, yet modern and elegant all wrapped into one.

Measuring 14.17 inches x 9 inches x 13.38 inches, this bread box is made from 100% bamboo, which makes it healthier for your family. The back features 10 small holes for ventilation.

The front features an acrylic transparent panel which allows you to see your baked goods. No more opening and closing the door to see how much bread is left!.

This bread box is super easy to clean. The arc design makes it easier to pick up the wooden bread box.

With a large capacity, it can store more bread, muffins, cakes, and much more. The multifunction partition can be used to even cut the bread!

⦁ Large for bigger families
⦁ Stylish and practical
⦁ Comes with a screwdriver
⦁ Durable
⦁ Easy to assemble
⦁ Makes a great gift

⦁ Some customers state it arrive defective

Verdict: We love the look of this wooden bread box. Very spacious and attractive, it makes a great addition to any kitchen.

Amish Valley Products Roll Top Bread Box Amish Handcrafted Storage Oak Bin Wooden

Style and excellent craftsmanship are just two things you will get with this Amish bread box.

Coming in Ebony, Chestnut, or Two Tone, this hand crafted authentic Amish bread box measures 18 inches X 12 inches X 11.5 inches. This bread box will keep your countertops nice and neat.

This roll top bread box is simply beautiful. Those that receive it for a wedding gift or anniversary present will be delighted with it.

The bread box is very sturdy. It will look amazing in country kitchens or even those that have a rustic feel. It is spacious and will store a fair amount of bread.

If you have never had an experience with an Amish built piece of furniture, you should know that they pride themselves on excellent work. This wooden bread box has the most amazing craftsmanship.

In order to keep it clean, you can use water and Murphy’s soap oil.

⦁ Beautiful woodwork
⦁ Stores a lot of bread or baked goods
⦁ Giftable
⦁ Door slides open easily
⦁ Well worth the price
⦁ Looks nice sitting on a countertop
⦁ Will last a lifetime

⦁ Not great for a large family
⦁ On the pricey side

Verdict: While this unit is on the pricey side, it will hold up for years to come. It will be a piece that you can pass down from generation to generation. We say this bread box is a yes!

Best Metal Bread Boxes

Wesco Grandy – German Designed - Steel bread box

The Wesco Grandy Steel bread box is our number one pick as this is the best large bread box we have seen.  This vintage style bread bin will look great in your kitchen that has a retro feel to it. 

This bread container comes in various colors:  Almond, Pink, Red, and White.  Air circulation is promoted by the air holes located in the steel box.  

The bread box features hinges and a handle that are made of metal.  It is constructed from high-quality metal that has been powder coated. 

Wesco Grandy ensures this bread box is easy to clean with a damp cloth.  You may also use a mild dish detergent. 

The measurements on this bread bin are 16.5 inches X 9 inches X 6.7 inches

We love that this bread box will last a long time. Perhaps it can be a treasure that you hand down to your children or grandchildren one day. 

The design of this bread bin is very eye-catching. We loved all the color choices, and feel that the pink and red would make lovely pops of color in your kitchen.  Should you love the design but you are not ready for a bright color, the almond and white will be amazing choices as well. 


⦁ Large enough for a bigger family

⦁ Easy to clean

⦁ Great design


⦁ Is on the pricier side

Verdict:  This is a great bread box that will last a long time.  If you can afford to shell out the money, it is well worth it. 


Creative Co-op Enameled Metal Distressed Bread Box with Lid

If you are looking for a bread box that is simple and cute, consider the Creative Co-op Enameled Metal Distressed Bread Box.

Measuring 13. 5 inches x 8. 25 inches x 12” inches, this bread box should only be hand washed. It features a 2.75 inch long handle with white metal that is distressed.

This bread box can also be used to store a wide variety of other items. Recipes and napkins work great in this box, as do small candles, trinkets, dish towels, or paper towels.

This bread box looks amazing in a farmhouse kitchen as it has a rustic feel to it. It makes an excellent gift for those just starting out on their own.

As it has a rustic design to it, it appears to be chipped. However, these flaws were intended.

⦁ Cute
⦁ Can hold various other items
⦁ Great quality
⦁ Looks rustic
⦁ Keeps bread fresh for one week
⦁ Solid construction

⦁ Not ideal for hot weather

Verdict: This is one of the best bread boxes for keeping bread fresh. With a charming design, it can suit many kitchens.

Metal Bread Box by Home By Jackie Inc

Stylish, attractive, fashionable. These are all words that describe this metal bread box by Home By Jackie Inc. This is just one of four designs of this particular bread bin that this company offers.

All designs offered are trendy. One features coffee with donuts with a lighter blue coloring, another is red with a French saying on it, and the last one is white with cakes, cupcakes, and coffee on it.

To ensure it’s durability this bread box is made from rust-free powder coated steel. It’s a necessity for any kitchen as it will provide a trendy feel to any space.

Fill it with muffins, breads, tortillas, rolls, cupcakes, cakes, and much more. It will keep all of these fresher than if just left out or placed in a cupboard. It will hold one large loaf of bread or two smaller ones.

Measuring 14.4 inches x 9.6 inches x 6 inches, this metal bread box weighs just under 3 pounds.

⦁ Will not rust
⦁ Attractive image
⦁ Solid frame
⦁ Stylish
⦁ Makes a great gift
⦁ Looks old fashioned

⦁ Not made of the highest quality metal

Verdict: With its old fashioned look and amazing images, we say this metal bread box is a keeper. Priced right, it is solid and sturdy and does a great job at keeping bread fresh.

Amici Home Rustic Kitchen Galvanized Metal Bread Storage Bin

If you can not get enough of galvanized metal decor, this metal bread box may be for you.

We are in love with the looks of this bread storage bin. Store your fresh bread in style with this cute and classic bread box.

Measuring 13.5 inches X 7.5 inches X 9.5 inches, this bread bin has a vintage look to it. It will compliment your farmhouse decor perfectly.

The bin can hold up to 228 ounces. The rustic bin will look amazing sitting on your counter or in the pantry.

The bin will seal in freshness with the silicone gasket. In order to keep it clean, you should only hand wash it.

If you like items in your home that match, there is also a coffee and sugar canister that match it.

⦁ Attractive
⦁ Sturdy
⦁ Holds 2 or more loaves of bread
⦁ Lightweight at 2 pounds
⦁ Primitive looking
⦁ Beautiful galvanized finish with a raised ribbed pattern

⦁ Not as large as expected

Verdict: This bread box is perfect for farmhouse decor. With a matching coffee and sugar canister available, you can not go wrong!

Best Large Bread Boxes

Cooler Kitchen Extra Large Space Saving Vertical Bread Box

The Cooler Kitchen Extra large bread box is the perfect bread box for saving space.

Measuring 13 inches X 7 inches X 9.5 inches, this bread box comes in cream, red, or black. The breadbox features a seal that isn’t airtight. This provides an environment where the moisture from the bread raises the humidity in the box, while the air circulation keeps it from getting moist and moldy.

This bread box holds 2 loaves at a time. On top of the bread bin, there is a bamboo lid that can be used as a cutting board.

We love the design on the front of the box. It is a classic design that brings back memories from appliances seen when we were younger.

This bread box is sturdy and built to last. It will make a great gift for a college graduate, a wedding present, or even an anniversary gift.

⦁ Classic space saving design
⦁ Sturdy and well built
⦁ Excellent price point
⦁ Functional and stylish
⦁ Sleek finish that is easy to clean

⦁ Lid has a tendency to flex

Verdict: We believe this bread box is a great one to have on the counter. It is stylish and practical and will look great in many kitchens

Mountain Woods Brown Antique Style Extra Large Acacia Wooden Bamboo Bread Box

This bread bin by Mountain Woods is our most elegant extra large bread box on our list. Measuring 16 inches X 10.5 inches X 9 inches, this bread container features a rattan lid. It weighs 6 pounds.

We love the antique feeling associated with this bread box. It has a dark Acacia wood which plays well in modern decorated kitchens.

While prolonging the freshness of fresh baked bread, muffins, rolls and other baked treats, this box can easily store up to 2 loaves of bread.

The company does its part in making sure this box is eco-friendly. Mountain Woods makes sure all wood used is grown with practices that are environmentally safe.

⦁ Gorgeous
⦁ Environmentally safe wood used in production
⦁ Extra large bread box
⦁ Antique design
⦁ Magnetic seal

⦁ Harder to clean than most bread boxes

Verdict: This bread container is perfect for the modern kitchen. It is constructed of a beautiful wood and has a tight seal in order to ensure freshness.


If you like to be able to see your baked goods, you will love the Laura’s Green Kitchen large bread box.

This bread container is constructed from 100% bamboo wood.

The 2 layer bread bin measures 12.2 inches x 6.8 inches x 15.8 inches. It weighs 7.5 pounds. It is big enough to hold 2 large loaves of bread, rolls, muffins and more.

We love how stylish the bread box looks. It would look amazing in any kitchen. It also makes the perfect gift for those that are getting married!

The window is constructed from clear plexiglass.

The assembly on this is so easy. Anyone can do it. It also includes a screwdriver, which is the only tool you will need.

Extra rods and screws are also included, along with an instruction booklet.

⦁ Stylish look
⦁ 2 layer box
⦁ Beautifully crafted
⦁ Secure magnetic lock
⦁ Sturdy

⦁ Some have said the instructions are not very clear
⦁ Needs rubber feet so it does not slide on the countertops (not included)

Verdict: This wood bread box is a keeper. We love the overall design and how you can see your baked goods. It is the perfect size and has 2 layers for more storage!

Culinary Couture Large Breadbox

If you are looking for a bread box that has simple and clean lines, the Culinary Couture Large Bread box is for you.

This simple bread box comes in various colors, including blue, glossy white, and purple. It measures 16.5 inches X 9 inches X 6.5 inches.

We feel this bread box would make an exceptional gift to those that are graduating college, getting married, or as a housewarming gift.

The vintage bread box has a sleek design that will blend in well in any kitchen. It has a very large storage area that can easily fit up to 20 bagels.

This metal bread box will keep your bread fresher. It easily stores homemade breads, rolls, and pastries, as well as Artisan breads.

⦁ Affordable
⦁ Holds a lot of bread or bread products
⦁ High quality
⦁ Rust-resistant
⦁ Comes with an e-book with recipes
⦁ Compact size
⦁ Powdered coated stainless steel
⦁ Nice polished finish

⦁ Not great for long term storage

Verdict: This is an amazing bread box to purchase! Great size while holding a lot of product. The polished finish will add elegance to your kitchen.

Best Stainless Steel Bread Boxes

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid

There is so much for us to say about this amazing bread bin by Oggi. This is one of the best stainless steel bread boxes currently on the market.

This roll top bread box is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel. It features a tempered glass roll top lid. If the tempered glass look is not for you, there are a few other choices.

It comes with rubber feet to protect your countertops. This is especially nice if you have countertops that are more expensive.

The bread box measures 15.25 inches X 9.5 inches. It weighs 6 pounds.

We love the contemporary look of this bread bin. The stainless steel is very attractive and the tempered glass adds a lot to the presentation.

Those that have had trouble with little pests inside the home, such as mice, will love how this keeps your bread safe from them.

⦁ Gorgeous
⦁ Great presentation
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Durable
⦁ Fits a lot of product
⦁ Will not slide around on counter

⦁ Lid was hard to open

Verdict: This is a spacious bread box that will hold a lot of loaves. If you have a large family, this is perfect for you.

Brabantia Bread Box

The Brabantia bread box comes in a brilliant steel, moss green, clay pink, yellow, or orange. It is one of the best stainless steel bread boxes we have encountered.

It is easy to open and doesn’t take up any extra space as it has a roll-in lid. It has a base with a knobbly pattern for ventilation.

The flat top design provides extra storage. We love that it is made of corrosion resistant materials.

With a large capacity , there is enough room for two loaves of bread.

The company provides a 10 Year warranty. The sleek bread box measures 6.9 inches X 17.5 inches X 15.6 inches.

The bread box opens easily due to the large grips on it. It weighs just over 3 pounds.

⦁ Sleek and stylish design
⦁ Comes with a 10 year guarantee
⦁ Easily opens
⦁ Comes in a variety of colors
⦁ Easy to clean

⦁ Does get fingerprints on it easily

Verdict: This stylish bread box is perfect for breads, rolls, tortillas, and more. It comes in many colors that will work well with your kitchen and does an amazing job at keeping things fresh.

Mindful Design 2-in-1 Modern Tall Bread Box w/Bamboo Cutting Board Lid

Your favorite homemade or artisan bread can stay their freshest when they can breathe. This bread bin features a non-airtight seal, which allows airflow to help intercept mold and moisture.

This gorgeous bread bin measures 7 inches X 7 inches X 13.25 inches. It is available in white or black.

We love the small window in the front to view the contents of the bread container. The lid is also a cutting board, which is super handy for anyone.

This stylish design is a wonderful way to store bread, muffins, pastries, and much more. The design will look amazing in a variety of kitchens.

⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Practical and functional
⦁ Lid can be a cutting board
⦁ Lightweight at less than 3 pounds
⦁ Durable
⦁ Amazing customer service

⦁ Some say it arrived dented up

Verdict: This classy and stylish bread box is a winner in our book. It will fit into any kitchen design and allows you to see what is inside.

Best Ceramic Bread Box

Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box

Gorgeous is an understatement when it comes to this bread box by A.C.K Trading Company.

We love the rich yellow color that will look amazing in a country kitchen or a kitchenette that has yellow accents.

Measuring 6.89 inches x 13.2 inches x 9 inches, this ceramic bread box weighs just over 6.5 pounds.

The lid fits securely on top and has a black handle to allow it to lift off easily.

The rectangular shaped bread box also has many other kitchen appliances that it matches with, such as a canister set, a vase, spoon rests, and more.

This ceramic bread box is the perfect gift for any homeowner. It will add charm and brighten up any kitchen.

⦁ Gorgeous design
⦁ High quality
⦁ Great storage capacity
⦁ Company makes other accessories to match
⦁ Beautifully painted
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Very sturdy

⦁ A bit on the pricey side

Verdict: This charming ceramic bread box is a great addition to your kitchen. Even though it is on the pricey side, it will last a long time if treated properly.

Best Antique Bread Boxes

Now Designs Bread Box

This adorable large bread box is perfect for keeping your bread fresh. The vintage style box contains ventilation holes in the back.

This bread box comes in turquoise, charcoal, ivory, white, and red. It measures 16 inches X 9 inches X 6.5 inches.

Now Designs has been in the business for many years. They are determined to have trendy products that are in amazing colors with a design that is unmatched.

We love the vintage look of this box. It looks great sitting on countertops but can also be placed on a shelf. If placed on a shelf, you will have to remove it before getting into it as the lid opens on the top.

⦁ Maintains freshness for days
⦁ Amazing vintage design
⦁ Variety of colors to pick from
⦁ Durable construction
⦁ Rust resistant
⦁ Compact design
⦁ Rounded corner edges
⦁ Large capacity

⦁ Expensive

Verdict: We are in love with the colors of these bread boxes and how durable they are. They are a huge yes from us as they will not rust and there are no sharp edges.

Antique Replica of Tin Bread Box

This replica bread bin is perfect for anyone that loves bread boxes.

We love this bread container because it can be used for bread storage but also makes a unique desk organizer.

This tin bread box is from Park Designs. The black finish on it looks aged to perfection. It would go well with kitchens that have older pieces in them, such as a stove like your grandmother may have used.

This sturdy bread box measures 11 inches X 13 inches X 11 inches.

⦁ Sturdy
⦁ Rustic farmhouse charm
⦁ Larger inside than it looks
⦁ Seals well
⦁ Makes a great gift

⦁ On the pricier side

Verdict: This tin bread box is great for those who are looking for a charming bread bin. Larger than it appears, it will store a large deal of your baked goods.

Best Copper Bread Box

Typhoon Henrik Bread Bin with Copper Lid

This elegant copper bread box will spruce up your countertops and keep your bread fresh.

This bread bin measures 13 inches X 7 inches X 8 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds. The copper lid adds a bit of glamour to the gray box.

The bread box features a badged detail in the center.

The company has grown over the years to offer a wide variety of bread boxes and other kitchenware. They take pride in their affordable pricing.

We love how stylish this bread box is. It will really add to a kitchen’s decor.

The bread box is large enough to fit 2 loaves of bread in it. It is also great for storing bagels, wraps, croissants, biscuits, and more!

⦁ Visually pleasing
⦁ Attractive price
⦁ good value for the money
⦁ Lots of room in the bread box
⦁ Classy design
⦁ Well made

⦁ Smaller than expected

Verdict: We love this bread box because it is simply gorgeous. It is a true winner in our book with the amazing copper lid.

Why Use a Bread Box?

A bread bin isn’t just a pretty countertop decoration. The purpose of a bread box is to ensure the loaf lasts longer.

The best bread box will make your bread taste fresher and produce a softer feel to it. It can also make the loaf crustier and produce wonderful flavor for an extended period of time.

You should use a bread box to retain freshness. All bread containers possess the common element of trapping moisture in order to retain freshness. This will allow the loaf to not become dry.

Should you have a tight seal on your bread box, the better it will perform.


What Should You Look for When Choosing a Bread Box?

There are various elements you should look for before purchasing the most desirable bread bin for your family.



The dimension of the container purchased will be required to fit on a countertop in your cuisine. You may also place it on a rack in the pantry. While plenty of bread containers are built to keeps few loaves, this creates the issue of finding an area big enough on your countertops

If you don’t have an ample area, you may opt to purchase a wall-mounted bread container.


Lid Design

Bread bins have different lid patterns. There’s no one standard design made for all varieties of bread boxes.

Some bread receptacles possess a hinged top. If you have a huge countertop, this may be the selection for you. Hinged bread boxes need quite a bit of space.

A second variation is a roll-up. This construction doesn’t need nearly the quantity of room that a hinged bread bin requires. The roll-up version can be put on a rack if need be.

The cutting board model bread boxes enable individuals to utilize the cover as a slicing tray. This is perhaps the greatest bread box for homemade loaves as you can slice it right there.



Take a look at your current style in your kitchen. Is it a farmhouse kitchen? Contemporary or rustic?

Do you prefer one color? Or are you perfectly happy with a bin that is metal?

Whatever you decide will look great in your kitchen as the look will be all yours. As long as it serves the purpose it was intended to, you can’t go wrong.



Just as we are not all the same shape, neither are bread boxes. While some may be shaped like a large rectangle (the classic bread bin), others have a flat top design and some will even stand up vertically.



No one wants moldy bread! Look for a container that has ventilation holes to circulate air. This will also restrict the loaf from dehydrating.

best bread box

Bread Box Materials

Bread boxes are built with various sorts of materials. Each material has its advantages and provides a different appearance to a cuisine. Some bread bins will be constructed from two or more materials, such as hardwood and acrylic.


Wooden Bread Boxes

Wooden bread boxes are very traditional. These often are the most beneficial bread boxes because they are generous in size. This kind of bin is ideal for families that are on the bigger side.

Wood bread boxes have been in homes for years. Sometimes these bread containers are called bamboo boxes.

It can be more difficult to maintain a clean wooden bread bin compared to other boxes constructed out of other materials.

Wood is known to deteriorate when it ages. This happens when moisture collects in the wood. This is the number one reason it’s difficult to find vintage wooden bread bins.


Metal Bread Boxes

Looking for a crisp modern look? Go with a metal bin. These are extremely simple to keep spotless and often make the most useful bread boxes for fresh loaves. You’ll often spot metal bread bins in homes that have a farm or country appeal.

Metal bread receptacles won’t consume any smell or moisture.


Stainless Steel Bread Boxes

Need a tough bread box? You might desire to pick a stainless steel bread box. These possess a great look for many kitchens!

Stainless steel bread bins are wonderful for cuisines that need a touch of sprucing up. This sort of bread box may be fitting for homes that already possess stainless-steel devices.


Plastic Bread Boxes

If one desires to view what the bread receptacle holds, a plastic box may be the selection you need. One doesn’t need to take the top off to look at the goods. Many opt not to go with this type as they tend to not look as nice as a loaf box made from other materials.

It is common for plastic bread receptacles to be smaller in size.


Ceramic Bread Boxes

If you own a kitchen that is elegant, a ceramic bread box may be for you. This bread container is the most suited for retaining bread that is moist. These receptacles are on the heavier side and can quickly break or chip.

Ceramic bread bins are charming and add plenty of class to the cuisine. They’re an amazing device for keeping out light and moisture.

Ceramic will inhibit the growth of microorganisms and allows no odors to be absorbed.


Copper Bread Boxes

Many rage about copper bread boxes. They provide a beautiful look to the kitchen countertop. Soft bread and a great texture are just two things that bread boxes composed from copper have going for them.

If you adore rustic looks, copper bread cases are the way to go.


Bread Box Sizes and Features

There are different dimensions of bread bins available on the market. Some are considered small bread boxes while others on the market are recognized for being large bread boxes. These include:


Roll-Top Bread Boxes

Roll-top bread boxes work great in small kitchens or one that doesn’t have a lot of counter space. Many adore this classic style. Many are composed of natural wood while others are designed to match your galley.


Bread Box with a Pull Out Cutting Board

Who does not love a box that allows you to cut on it as well? Slicing your bread has never been easier. There may even be a spot for a knife. The best place for this bread receptacle is the countertop.


Corner Bread Boxes

This kind of loaf bin is placed in the corner, hence its name. This permits you to utilize the dead area in your cuisine. Many times these are large bread boxes.


Hinged Door Bread Box Including a Window

A hinged door bread box with a window will allow easy access to your bread and baked goods. The window provides a look at the goodies at all times so you don’t need to open it to see what is within the box.

The hinged door bread box may also be set on a rack. This is ideal for keeping little hands out of it.


Bread Box With Lift Off Lid

If you need to conserve space, the bread box with a lift-off top may be for you. If you obtain one that is produced from wood, you have a built-in cutting board as the top will serve this purpose.

best bread box

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do bread boxes keep the bread from molding?

Reducing the amount of air your bread receives will keep it from molding. It is advised to place all bread in an air-tight plastic bag, making sure there is not any air in the bag. Then place inside your bread box.


Will storing bread in the refrigerator keep it fresh?

No. The opposite is true. Your bread will have a much shorter shelf life if you store it in the refrigerator. However, storing bread in the refrigerator will help with mold.


How long will my bread stay fresh inside the bread box?

Generally, your bread will stay fresh inside your bread bin for two to three days.


Should you wrap your bread before putting it in a bread box?

No, you do not need to wrap your bread before putting it inside the bread box. Your bread will last longer if you do not wrap it.


What is the best material for a bread box?

Each type of material has its own advantages. One is not necessarily better than another.


What type of bread bin keeps bread freshest?

A bread bin that has great ventilation will help keep the bread the freshest.


Does a bread box need to be airtight?

A bread bin does not need to be airtight. There needs to be sufficient airflow to keep the bread fresh.


How large are bread boxes?

A bread box will generally be up to 16 inches wide and about 8 or 9 inches deep. It will fit up to two loaves of bread at a time.


Can I put my bread bin wherever in my kitchen?

When placing your bread box in your kitchen, it needs to stay out of direct sunlight. You will also want to keep it away from any heat or cold sources.


Will temperature affect my bread bin?

Yes, temperature will affect your bread bin. Therefore, if you live in a hot climate, you will want to purchase a non-metal box. This will allow your bread to stay fresher longer.


Should bread boxes have vents?

Yes, it is a good idea to have vents on your bread box. The best bread boxes will have vents in them.


Why are vents needed in a bread bin?

Vents are needed in bread bins to stop a build-up of moisture. If there is moisture allowed in the bread containers, mold can occur.


Can you use your bread box for store-bought bread?

You certainly can use your bread box for store-bought bread. However, it most likely will not do much good. Bread that works best in a bread container includes homemade bread or Artisan bread you can find in many grocery stores.


What else can you store in a bread box?

You may store muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, small cakes, and more in a bread box. Biscuits, buns, and cupcakes are also perfect for putting into bread boxes.


How much does a bread box cost?

This depends on which bread container you decide to purchase. Various materials will cost more. A copper bread box will typically cost more than a plastic bread box.



Dry or moldy bread is one of the worst things you can find in the cupboard when you are looking forward to a sandwich. However, by using our top 20 best bread box guide, you can take advantage of the bread bins that are on the market today.

Our hopes are that you will be able to find the best bread box for keeping bread fresh. By reading our reviews, you can determine which bread box is right for you.

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