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Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Review

Quick Overview and Verdict



Blender is of professional grade

The blender is very noisy

Large enough for a big family

The warranty has strict stipulations

Very easy to use

Blades become dull after extensive use

After countless hours of research we put in our Ninja BL610 review, we gave this product an average score of 4.4.



Ease of Use


Quality of Materials




Noise Level


With a capacity of 72 ounces, the six blades provide the ability to crush ice and blend any ingredients to a smooth consistency.  The Ninja BL610 has a pour spout which allows you to easily pour whatever you are making. 

Throughout our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Review, we saw this powerful motor blast through large ice cubes to make snow.  One should use extreme caution when using this blender as the blades are very sharp! 

We are pleased to say that the BL610 blender is a high-quality product at a fair price.

The value of the money that this appliance holds is exceptional. Even if you use it every day, it will last a long time.

Ninja Professional 1000 (bl610)

Check it out on Amazon


Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Review

We spent many hours working on the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 review.  Our team looked closely at the features and technology of the blender, noting remarkable characteristics of the device. 

We also took into consideration the speed, size, and weight of the blender.  The overall design and capacity of this professional blender were reviewed as well. 

Our team could not forget about including what materials the blender is made from, information about the warranty, and the noise level this machine produces. We also took a close look at how versatile this blender is. 

And last, but certainly not least, our team looked at the ease of use and safety.

Features and Technology

We were pleased to see the safety mechanism on the top.  It is required to snap in order for it to work.  These were some of the first things we noticed during our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Review.

The Bl610 features a blinking dot should the top not be on correctly.

This blender has six blades in total. During the Bl610 review experiment, we noticed these are on different levels.  This allows food to be chopped, diced, and blended even better than traditional blenders.

Foods will not become stuck at the bottom of this blender.  During our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 review, all food we blended came right out of the device.

Each blade is manufactured from chrome steel.  They won’t rust or corrode.

The appliance features absolute crushing mechanics.  This will allow one to grind ice chunks within a matter of seconds.

This Ninja has cord storage so you will not need to worry about your cord getting tangled or interwoven with other cords.

An extra that comes with this blender is the recipe book. Here you will find excellent recipes to try out that will soon become favorites for your family.

This blender is also a food processor.  With impressive chopping, you can whittle down your appliances, making more space for other needed items.


There are three rates the blender works at, as well as the pulse key for the Ninja Bl610.

During our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 watts review experiment, we took the time to apply each rate.  The low speed worked perfectly for chopping veggies for homemade salsa.

Other things which may be done on the lowest rate include:

  • Whipping up pancake mix
  • Scramble egg whites
  • Puree berries and veggies
  • Mix up marinades
  • Blend gravy together

We found the medium speed to do well with creaming soups and making milkshakes.  Ninja also recommends using medium speed for:

  • Crushing seeds, cashews, peanuts, and like items
  • Mincing items thoroughly
  • Grind solid cheese
  • Blending preserves and gravies
  • Beating dips together
  • Combining different beverages
  • Making powder beverage mixes

The high setting was appreciated by our team members for making frappes.  It can be used as well for:

  • Smoothies
  • Making thick mixtures into liquid
  • Blending whole veggies and fruits

The pulse speed is perfect for using as a food processor.  This setting allows you to be in full control of what you are grinding.


The Ninja Bl610 measures 17.25 in / 43.82 cm. There are four parts to the blender, including the base.

Except for the base, the other parts are replaceable.


This Ninja blender weights 7.1 pounds.  It is not too heavy to store in the pantry and get out when needed.


The design of this appliance is well-thought-out.  It looks very professional.  Therefore, you can be proud to leave it sitting on your countertop all the time. 

The base features the power button, as well as a pulse button.  There are 3 additional buttons – low, medium, and high.  

The clear blender jar features a black handle and a black spout lid.  The front of the blender jar clearly labels ounces and cups. 

With a lid that is see-through, it allows you to see as you are pouring things into the lid.

ninja professional blender 1000 review


The extra-large blender cup is 72 ounces.  It should be noted that it should not be overfilled, and ideally will hold 64 ounces of liquid.

This is large enough for a family of good size or can be used for BBQ s, birthday parties, and pool parties.  You can easily make six or more servings at a time. 


The blender is constructed from high-quality materials that are heavy duty.  All materials are BPA free

The blender jar is plastic and durable. While many blenders feature glass blender jars, you will not have to worry about this one breaking as easily. 

Ease of Use

During our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 review experiment, we found this appliance very easy to use

Simply place the pitcher on the base and hear the click.

As there are only five buttons, it makes using this affordable blender super simple

We appreciate there are no dials to turn.  Our thought is that buttons are easier to push as a dial could get stuck.  

With an LED electronic control panel, it is easy to see buttons in dim lighting. 

If you have forgotten to add an ingredient, you can open the spout while the blender is running and stream it in.  


We found this blender to be very safe.  We appreciate the two safety features in place. 

If the blender is not assembled correctly, it will not work.  If you do not hear it click, you know it is not together correctly. 

The power light will blink at the bottom of the base.  This will notify you there is an issue. 

You are also not able to stick anything into the blender while it is running.  This is an exceptional safety feature that is important if children will be using the blender.  

Our team appreciated the automatic shut off.  Should you forget to turn it off, it will safely turn off automatically. 

The Ninja Bl610 also has overload protection.  This will protect the blender from any damage and overheating due to an overload.

Noise Level

The noise level is on the loud side. However, that is to be expected, as many blenders are on the louder side. After all, you need lots of power to grind up ice and hard foods. 

During our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 review session, we whipped up several things.  During the ice crushing, the noise was boisterous.  

Those with sensitive ears may have trouble being in the same room while the blender is in use.


During our Ninja Professional Blender 1000 review, we noticed how versatile this blender is.  

Whip up a smoothie, blending together hard fruits and vegetables.  

Puree carrots, green beans, and squash for baby food.  Use the pulse setting to pulverize chickpeas together with seasonings for homemade hummus. 

Blend together ice and your favorite adult liquor for an out of this world beverage. Try your hand at a homemade strawberry or raspberry jelly.  

Have a cat that has lost too many teeth to eat hard food? Chop up the food in the blender to extend the portions in canned cat food. 

Grind up chunks of ham to use for ham salad. Puree bananas that are turning brown for banana bread. 

Like pudding pie? Crush up cookies or graham crackers to use as the crust.  

Chop tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, and onions for fresh salsa. Grate carrots for a salad. Crush crackers to use as a coating on meats.

Want healthy juice for your kids? Use your Bl610 to make a variety of fresh juices. Sneak in some kale or spinach for some extra vitamins and nutrients. 

Feel like surprising your kids with ice cream? This professional blender will easily whip up a batch for you. Or make a healthy sorbet.  

Does your family adore pesto? This blender is so versatile, it can easily make the best pesto you have ever tasted. 

Have a love for peanut butter? Would you buy almond butter if it were not so expensive? Make your own for a much cheaper price with your Bl610! 

If your family are soup eaters, this blender can help you prep soups. Just remember that it is not intended for hot liquids.


Ninja provides a 1-year warranty on the Ninja Bl610.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can also return it within 60 days. 

The blender must be purchased and used in the United States.  If not, the warranty is void. 

The warranty has several stipulations to it.  These include:

  • Only the original buyer is able to use the warranty.
  • If the product is damaged during shipping, it is not eligible for the warranty. 
  • The appliance will be excluded from the warranty if it has any other protection on it. 
  • If used for commercial uses, the warranty is void. 
  • If the device has been tampered with, the warranty is not effective.
  • Should the device have been misused, the warranty will not cover the blender.  
  • Normal wear and tear are not covered under the warranty. You may, however, purchase replacement parts through the company. 
  • If you have had the blender fixed by anyone not authorized by the Ninja brand, the warranty will be void.  

When using the warranty, proof of purchase will be needed. 

You will also need to enclose a check to have the blender shipped back to you. 

If not packaged correctly when sending the blender back, you may not be entitled to have a new or fixed blender sent back to you. 

The warranty states that any repairs or replacements done are at the sole discretion of the company.  

If a replacement is issued to the owner, the warranty will expire 6 months following the date the blender was received by the customer or the duration of the original warranty.  Whichever one is longer is the one that will have precedence.

ninja professional blender 1000 review

Ninja Professional 1000 (bl610)

Check it out on Amazon


About the Ninja Brand

Ninja is a staple name when it comes to powerful appliances in the kitchen.  Renowned for its smaller sized home devices, this company tailors to those individuals that are extremely busy. 

Ninja began as a company in Montreal, Canada, but has since moved to Needham, Massachusetts.  It was founded by Mark Rosenzweig. 

Ninja is one of the leading brands in the household appliance industry.  With competitive pricing and easy to use products, this brand focuses on innovation.

What Customers Say

We feel that with any product, it is essential to not only review the item ourselves but also look at what consumers say about it. 

In many of the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 reviews we have read, we see quite a few satisfied customers

In Ninja Bl610 reviews, customers say they are pleased with how well the blender makes ice drinks and allows ice to be blasted into fine particles.  They love this for hot days, so they can make snow cones for the kids or adult slushies for themselves. 

Many customers say they love the ease of use while others feel that this is a product they would recommend to others.  In fact, some customers have purchased this for wedding, anniversary, or birthday gifts. 

Another individual stated they were impressed with how super sharp the blades were.  

Many of the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Watts reviews, those who bought the Ninja Bl610 say it is sturdy and durable.  They feel the ingredients are circulated quickly, allowing the mixture to be smooth and consistent. 

In one Ninja Bl610 review, one consumer mentioned how the multi-blade design effectively gets the job she needs to be done completed.  

Consumers state this blender is phenomenal in some of the Ninja Bl610 reviews.  These individuals like how the pulse setting can be controlled by them, allowing all items to turn out as they desire.

Ninja bl610 vs bl660

During our Ninja Bl610 vs Bl660 experiment, we noticed that both appliances contained a jar that has 72 ounces.  The Bl660 is also BPA-free and may be placed in the dishwasher. However, more power goes to the Bl660 as it holds 1100 watts versus the 1000 watts the Bl610 possesses.

Both blenders have 6 blades.  However, only the Bl610 has pulverizing edges.

The Bl660 comes with 2 to-go cups while the Bl610 does not have any.  The Bl610 has safety features while the Bl660 does not have any.

And the Ninja Bl610 is priced lower than the other models.

Ninja bl610 vs nj600

Throughout the Bl610 vs NJ600 testing, we noticed both had similar features.  Each is BPA-free, with the same capacity, and both also possess 1000 watts.

The appliances are also the same size.  While the Bl610 is black, the NJ600 is black and silver.  Both feature the 6 edges that possess absolute pulverizing mechanisms.

The Ninja Bl610 is a greater value in terms of money.  It also comes with a dough blade while the NJ600 does not.

Both blenders have 6 blades.  However, only the Bl610 has pulverizing edges.

The Bl660 comes with 2 to-go cups while the Bl610 does not have any.  The Bl610 has safety features while the Bl660 does not have any.

And the Ninja Bl610 is priced lower than the other models.


In our Ninja Bl610 review, we discovered many things that we love about this blender.  It is versatile, lightweight, and quickly gets the job done.

We believe that this blender is the way to go if you have a large family or will be using it for parties or get-togethers.  It is budget-friendly and has many of the same features as higher-priced models.  Plus, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.

The Ninja brand has safety on their mind with the different safety features.

Its sleek design is gorgeous. It will find a place in every kitchen as it will go with any design.

Every piece of information on this page was carefully researched by a Boostuphome editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy at no additional cost to you. Our content is not influenced by commissions. Read more on our Privacy Policy Page.

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