How to Decorate a White Room - Find Your Style

There are so many great ways to decorate when you start with white. But, when there are too many options you might get confused even before you started. That’s why planning is so important and that’s why we recommend reading a thorough guide on home renovation such as this guide from A+ Construction & Remodeling.

If you don’t have time or want some quick pointers for decoration of a white room this post is a good start as well.

The first and most important decision to be made when decorating this room is to pick a theme. Stick with this theme but don’t overdo it.

Ask yourself questions and go with what feels right based on the answers. How do you want this room to feel? Modern, Comfortable, Homey, or Retro are just a few answers you may come up with.

Do you have a particular theme you wish the room to revolve around? Animals, Plants, Family, or Friendly Gatherings. Are you a bold or conservative person? Each answer helps when deciding how you should go about decorating.

Wall Decorations For White Room

So now you have picked a theme and have decided that this room is for family gatherings.

You love books so you would like this room to revolve around that idea. 

Bookshelves are a great way to start off decorating this room. Don’t go overboard though. Just a few nice shelves through out the room.

white room decoration

The walls of the white room should have places where you can hang family photos. 

Against a white wall almost all colors will work but stick with just one color to enhance and not detract. To many colors will be eye jarring.

Furniture For White Room

Now you need furniture other than the book shelves.

Take a look at second hand shops for an end table that can be spruced up, maybe an old globe to place in a corner, or a comfy couch.

You may also want to get a recliner chair for this room. Since family will gather here stay away from glass as small children are apt to break it.

This room should be friendly to all. Make sure that on the book shelves you include adult books as well as children’s books. Make sure the children’s books are on the lower shelves and easy for a child to reach.

white room furniture

Lighting Ideas For White Room

The lighting in the room should be soft and not overbearing. You do not want flickering florescent lighting in this room.

Economically friendly light bulbs can be found in almost any store nowadays. 

These are worth the investment. They cost a little more than regular bulbs but will save you money in the long run as they are guaranteed for life.

A lamp on an end table is good but a tall lamp that matches the bookshelves is also good for lighting.

What Colors Should I Choose?

Make sure the colors of your furniture do not jar with the whole room.

You want softer colors like light tan, beige, or grays.

If you put a yellow couch in the center of the room it will detract. Color coordination is important.

Stick with one basic color and flow from there.


Don’t be afraid to go with what you like. It’s your room after all.

Do what makes you happy!

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