Best Glue For Rhinestones On Fabric In 2021 (5 Reviews & Guide)

Gluing rhinestones on fabric is a cheap and fun way to decorate your clothing, make crafts, or embellish your furniture. Whatever your project might be, you should never cheap out or choose the glue carelessly. Rhinestones and fabric are different materials which makes the list of the adhesives that can glue them a lot smaller. … Read more

Best Glue For Rubber To Plastic in 2021 (5 Reviews & Buying Guide)

3 adhesives

Both rubber and plastic are notorious for being tricky to bond, especially if you need to join the two materials together. You will always have fewer adhesives to choose from when you are looking to bond two different materials. The list of adhesives is further reduced because of how challenging the materials are to bond, … Read more

Best Glue For ABS Plastic in 2021 (5 Reviews & Buying Guide)

ABS plastic bricks

ABS plastic is one of the most commonly used types of thermoplastics today. It’s all around us, found in our homes, cars, and backyards. It is also notoriously daunting to glue. Many people are frustrated with many unsuccessful attempts on bonding this tricky plastic. Because of that, we decided to compile a list of the … Read more

Best Glue For Felt in 2021 (5 Reviews & Buyer Guide)

Felt is a unique material that is frequently used in many crafting and DIY projects. You can end up creating fun and interesting toys, ornaments, decorations, and a lot more. While working with felt isn’t problematic, gluing this material is a different story. A lot of people are complaining about how they aren’t successful in … Read more

Top 7 Best Glue for Miniatures in 2021 (Reviews & Buyer Guide)

Every owner of miniatures experiences breakage or replacement of the parts from time to time. To properly fix or replace a part, you will need to glue it using an appropriate adhesive. It is also important to consider the size and the material of the miniature when choosing the glue. Some adhesives work great on … Read more

Best Glue For EVA Foam in 2021 (4 Reviews & Buyer Guide)

EVA foam is rising in popularity within the crafting community because of its ease of use and great comfort. It is used a lot for cosplay and children’s costumes, crafting, and DIY projects. While the foam itself is easy to shape and work with, you might be wondering how to bond the EVA foam parts … Read more

Best Glue For Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles In 2021 (4 Reviews & Guide)


Do you want to replace that outdated popcorn texture ceiling, or are you looking for a way to refresh your home by redoing your ceiling inexpensively? Either way, styrofoam ceiling tiles are probably the best option you can go for. They are available in a plethora of designs, are easy to get and install. But … Read more

6 Best Glue Models for MDF in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)


MDF boards are used for more than 3 decades now, but their popularity doesn’t seem to diminish. They are one of the top choices for various carpentry projects because of their affordability, versatility, and ease of use. Since the MDF boards need to be joined, we need to use some kind of glue to do … Read more

Are Polyurethane Adhesives And Foam Safe (2021)


If you pay attention to it, polyurethane is everywhere around us. Mattresses, brushes, memory foam pillows, insulation, and more common household items contain polyurethane. Sometimes, we even use polyurethane adhesives for bigger projects, such as flooring or countertops. Since a lot of polyurethane is used for these projects, there are a lot of fumes produced … Read more

Why Is Epoxy Resin So Expensive (And Are There Alternatives?)


The price of epoxy resins is usually around $40-$60 per gallon, and since they are sold in large quantities, costs can add up easily. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars on your epoxy resin project just on this casting material alone. So, what makes this adhesive so expensive? This is the question we … Read more