How to Decorate a Bathroom in an Americana Theme

Decorate a bathroom in an Americana theme to show off your personality and style.

If you have a construction grade white bathroom, all the better for you to customize the look.

Anyone can decorate a patriotic bathroom, all it takes is a strong spirit and a little time to plan.

Whether your interior design style is traditional or modern, your red, white and blue powder room will put pride into the heart of anyone who takes a seat in it.

Wall Options

Paint the walls in a crisp white when you decorate a patriotic bathroom.

Create a tile scheme that matches your particular style. For example, use all white tile so that your decor stands out and so the theme can be easily changed.

Use some red or blue accent tiles if one of them is a favorite color of yours and you know you can change out the decor later to match another style.

If you’re entire home is decorated around a patriotic theme, or you know that you will love this look forever, then you can go as bold as you want in the tile.

Create a red, white and blue checkerboard pattern, use painted tiles for a mural of an American flag, or create other designs using the colors. Play around with the layout until you get it just right.

american flag


Get a bathroom rug set that is a solid blue or red to contrast against a white toilet.

Choose a solid colored shower curtain and dress up the hooks with charms of another color or symbols, such as the flag.

Another option is to choose a patterned patriotic bathroom curtain, such as in a strip motif and keep the hooks simple so that the curtain stands out.

Buy hand and bath towels in all three colors and layer them on the bars in the space. 

If you cannot find a soap dispenser, soap dish or cup holder that coordinates, buy a plain white one and dress it up yourself to match. For example, paint the stars and stripes on yourself or string red white and blue beads around it.

Decor Choices

Paint you cabinet doors and drawers in a patriotic mural.

Hang up handmade artwork that is folksy for a traditional Americana themed bathroom. For example, a painting of an old outhouse with a star cutout over the door is a humorous choice in the space.

For a more elegant modern take, fill a white ceramic vase with red roses and sprinkle in some blue flowers as well to set on the back of the tank.

Other choices include painted shelves, signs and other wooden decor for an old fashioned feel or metallic silver, red or blue items for a contemporary twist.

After you are done decorating your bathroom in an Americana theme, why not start on the rest of your home with the ideas found in the further reading section?

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