Tips for Decorating Common Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets are not often the most visible, attractive, or artistic furnishings in a bathroom design, but they do add a sense of functionality and completion to the room.

Of course, the most important aspect of a medicine cabinet or a vanity is the storage that it provides.

Surprisingly, these typical bathroom furnishings can also be decorative and aesthetically pleasing. A few practical suggestions will help you make the most out of the architectural elements that these bathroom accessories afford.

Bathroom Furnishings Display Attractive Hardware

If you have ever wanted a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom design for less than three dollars, paint your hardware.

Bathroom furnishings like medicine cabinets, vanities and drawers are the perfect way to showcase modern hardware.

If you have the budget, invest in contemporary brushed nickel hardware that will immediately draw positive attention to the furnishings in your bathroom. 

Attractive hardware is like adding an eye-appealing pair of earrings to an evening gown. The complementary metallic hardware brings a sense of sparkle and refinement to your bathroom space.

Bathroom Vanities Provide Architectural Interest

Most bathroom furnishings have trim and adornments that add architectural interest to the living space.

Some vanities have curved designs or carved woodworking that adds a creative element to the bathroom. To expound on these interesting features, place focus on the design of the cabinetry.

If your medicine cabinet has a shelf, then place a couple of contemporary items on it to draw attention to the architectural elements. A brushed nickel clock, or a couple of glass cologne bottles will add a spark of creative design to the woodwork.

bathroom furniture wood

Bathroom Cabinets can be Accessory Holders

Richly toned towels, and patterned wash clothes can be properly displayed on bathroom countertops and furniture.

To avoid a cluttered bathroom, choose three or four complementary accessories and distribute them evenly around the room.

For example, a contemporary art glass piece can rest on one corner of your counter top, and a modern brushed nickel soap dispenser on the other.

On your medicine cabinet shelf, you can display a small selection of high quality hand towels, or a fine piece of metalwork. Bathroom medicine cabinets, vanities, and drawers all provide the perfect place for displaying a few modern accessories. 

Bathroom furnishings can become the most attractive features in your living area. Maximize the appeal of the bathroom by allowing the practical elements to be dramatized with complementary accessories.

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