Bath Oil - Uses and advantages today

From time immemorial, bathing has been recognized as a ritual that is related to personal beauty, cleansing and rejuvenation.

There are more than a few things that enhance this sensual and nourishing experience and bring it to the level of an activity promoting well being of the sense of self;

One of them being the luxury afforded by bath oils.

Bath oil for massage

Using bath oil for massaging is a truly lavish and luxurious experience in pampering oneself as the magic of aromatic oils in a scented bath or massage treatment is something to be remembered long after the experience is over.

For those wanting to indulge their senses in pure pleasure, the use of bath oils is a must. Not only do these smell divine but they are a treat for worn out, stressed skin and muscles.

woman bathing with bath oil

Most ranges of bath oils have carefully selected essential ingredients and absolutes that are blended in with natural products like seeds, nut base oils and herbs which have been raised in potential with special preparation procedures and infusions of flowers, resins, barks and such like from sites known for their healing or nourishing properties.

Use of bath oils

There are those that treat the body like a temple and cleanse it, grace it and purify it with sweet smelling fragrances so they favor these bath oils.
But there are the purely pleasure seeking variety too who simply like the nourishment that the protective coat of bath oil offered.

Many cultures have fancy bathing rituals which are taken to be a form of art and considered an important aspect of their civilization.

In such traditions, bath oils are fragranced to provide gentle healing to frayed nerves or for elaborate rituals to follow in the game of mating as these not only delight the senses but also replenish the natural skin oils which are washed away in the wear and tear of daily living.

bathtub with bath oil

Advantages of using bath oil

Apart from the obvious pleasure that it affords the senses and relaxation offered to the muscles and joints if massaged with care and practiced technique, bath oils have the unique advantage over ordinary soaps.

They have an advantage in the way that they prevent dehydration and moisture to the skin and nurture it in such a manner that it feels soft, silky, supple and smooth.

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